Dreamer: one that dreams; a visionary; an idealist.

Dreams are often deferred because of procrastination, naysayers and criticism, self-doubt, previously failed attempts, and the ever so fierce – fear. Now is the time to conquer all doubts and push your way into your purpose. Your passion is calling. You must become who you are destined to be, NOW!


Dr. Kishma A. George, the Purpose Pusher, visionary and entrepreneur is known for motivating and inspiring dreamers to unlock and release their gifts and talents while educating and empowering them to pursue their purpose in excellence. Dr. George’s power-packed messages will equip and encourage you to go after your dreams like never before. Dr. Kishma A. George uses her speaking platform to show men, women and youth’s how to recognize and capitalize on the greatness placed on the inside.

Presentation topics include:

    • Empowerment · Leadership
    • Motivation · Entrepreneurship
    • Business Etiquetten
      • Leadership
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Dreams & Goal Settings


Workshops are tailored to meet the needs of your female group setting, including mentoring programs, youth ministry, community groups and schools, as well as group homes.

Presentation topics include:

    • Body Image
    • Bullying & Peer Pressure
    • College and Career Development
    • Entrepreneurial Development
    • Self-Esteem & Confidence
    • Peer Pressure
      • Boys, Dating, Sex & Abstinence
      • Character & Integrity
      • Dreams & Goal Settings
      • Ettiquette & Elegance
      • Leadership Development
      • Knowing Your Worth

K.A.G. Etiquette Program

K.A.G. (Kingdom Ambassadors for Greatness) program provides interactive workshops that EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and MOTIVATE young ladies to bring out the rare jewel inside of them! Our program focus on 7 Kingdom Ambassador characteristics: Charm & Elegance, Communication Skills, Inner-Beauty, Leadership Skills, Poise & Posture, Self-Esteem, and Sisterhood.

Our Etiquette Workshops are designed to complement your organization, school and ministry endeavors, conferences, summits and more.

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