Use What’s In You Hand Book Project will include 14 women sharing their stories /testimonies EMPOWERING the reader in the MARKETPLACE & MINISTRY to Birth their God given Dreams. This book supplies strategies to help you maximize your full potential and pursue your DREAMS no matter what your life circumstances currently are. This book will activate your hidden treasures and set you on an accelerated path to personal fulfillment, purpose, destiny and manifestation of your DREAMS! For more information visit

The Princess in You is a powerful collaboration from 9 dynamic women who seek to empower and inspire the next generation of young ladies to live by design and not by default. A grand slam matrix of topics that include Entrepreneurship, Self Confidence, Your True Identity, Dreaming BIG, Purpose, Destiny, Against All Odds, Fashion/Style, & Leadership. This book has all of the necessary ingredients to stir up the princess in you!

Foreword by Dr. Tracy Quintana….

This book, The Princess in You, is so amazing. Each Author has uniquely and brilliantly handed you over several keys to access your hidden potential. With step by step, simple and understandable ways to unveil, draw completely out and bring back into view, the true Princess in You. The world is going to know who you are! I highly recommend that you read this book, fix your crown, stand tall and let the floodgates of your royalty burst out, no holding back. The Princess in you is ready to arise! 
Co-Author Ayanna Lynnay- (Your True Identity)- Learning your true identity andpurpose is something many people don’t discover until they are much older but it doesn’t have to be that way! Co-Author Ayanna Lynnay helps readers to recognize who they are NOT as they journey on the road to becoming who God intends for them to be. 
Co-Author Lekesha Logan – (Purpose) Every princess has a purpose! Your purpose will play a key role in all that you are and everything that you do. Co-Author Lekesha Logan explores the meaning and importance of “Purpose”, and most of all, what it means to you. As you navigate through life, you will need to know how to effectively operate in your purpose and this chapter will put you on the right path! 
Co-Author Romella Vaughn – (Destiny) This chapter shares the importance of knowing the plan and purpose of your life and how to reach your destiny. Co-Author Romella Vaughn reminds readers that God allow us to go through trials and tribulations so that it may strengthen us, make us tough and prepare us for our destiny. Giving up is never an option! Reaching our destiny requires destiny steps. Never despise small beginnings; out of small places will come big things. 
Co-Author – Letisha Galloway (Against All Odds); When the odds are stacked against you it may seem impossible to make it through. Your mindset has a lot to do with the outcome of your life. If you believe that good things are going to happen then your attitude and life will show that. Things will not be perfect but your attitude has a lot to do with how successful you will become. Co- Author Letisha Galloway gives readers the tools to beat the odds. 
 Co-Author Lakisha Selby (Self Confidence) Co- Author Lakisha Selby takes readers through a ten day journey to help build their confidence. Each day the author will ask the reader to look into the mirror and speak positive statements over themselves. While looking into the mirror the reader will be ask “What do you see” and “Do you like what you see? Often times when looking into a mirror, we see the negative and we always want to change what we see. It’s time for princesses to embrace who God has created them to be.

Co-Author Marla Smith (Leadership) In her chapter Co-Author Marla Smith draws on the story of Esther to illustrate how the Lord can take a young ordinary girl in unfortunate circumstances and evolve her into one of the greatest leader of her time. This chapter will encourage young girls to look pass their own limitations and look towards a God who is able to make something great out of something so small.

Co-Author Danielle Ashley (Fashion & Style); There is something about a princess. There is a certain mark that she has that sets her apart from the rest. She automatically stands out in a crowd. She is developed, polished and full of grace. She knows the beauty of being in the moment but she also knows when to move in the shadows. Those shadows are not dark and gloomy. They are a covering for her introduction. Co-Author Danielle Ashley reminds readers to adjust their crown, fluff their hair, Rise Up and because the world is a princess’s runway and it’s waiting for you!

Co-Author Tammy Collins Markee  ( Entrepreneur)– takes a page out of her book of knowledge, and reaches out to teach the world to scale to the heights of rich spiritual and material personal freedom. The Dynasty Mind possesses outstanding interpersonal skills that awaken the gifts and talents in herself, and in others. Ultimately, she epitomizes the historic sense of destiny within. The Princess in You is poised to serve as a willing vessel of honor. Welcome to your place of authentic destiny!

Co-Author Kishma George (DREAMING BIG)- Having big dreams do not cost you but seeing those dreams come alive sure does! Co-Author Kishma George’ story brings to light the necessity and importance of surrounding oneself with people that will release positive energy, reinforcement, and feedback to your success in order to give birth to your dreams. Drawing from her own experiences Kishma, shares how she had to totally trust in an unfailing God, in order to cover her God-Given dream from premature death and aborting the promises of God. Her story will encourage you to do the same.

“DREAMING the DREAM” is a powerful inspirational book that was conceived and conceptualized to stir up the dreamer within you. Eight accomplished authors share their wisdom, experience and testimonies of pursuing their dreams, inspiration of FAITH & LOVE. This book provides strategies to help you maximize your full potential and to pursue your DREAMS no matter what your life circumstances currently are. This book will activate your hidden treasures and set you on an accelerated path to personal fulfillment, purpose, destiny and manifestation of your DREAMS!

Foreword by Les Brown

Nationally Known Motivational Speaker and Best-Selling Author

Dreaming the Dream is a must read for those who have lost their way, discouraged, or frustrated. It is filled with spiritual, practical, and obtainable advice to help propel your life, goals, and ambitions to new heights.
I dare you to relentlessly pursue your dream. To act life your life depends on it. To remember…
If you want a thing bad enough
To go out and fight for it,
Work day and night for it,
Give up your time and your peace and your sleep for it…
If life seems empty and useless without it
And all that you scheme and you dream is about it…
If gladly you’ll sweat for it,
Fret for it,
Plan for it…
If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it,
With the help of God, YOU’LL GET IT!

Dream the most unimaginable dream and go for it.

Yours In Greatness,

Les Brown, Mamie Brown’s Baby Boy

Learn more about Les Brown.

Co-Authors of Dreaming the Dream

Shawneya Ellis
Live the DREAM

Have you ever been in a state of a stand still as it pertains to your dreams? Has opposition and lack of motivation caused you to become stagnated vs. launching out of your comfort zone? Do you know that God has impregnated you with purpose, passion, vision, and strategies to birth out your dreams? “Kill the seed to Live the Dream” is an inspiring writing that exposes the enemies traps to abort the vision of the dreamer. This powerful composition sheds light on God’s purpose for the visionary. It awakens the dreamer to be catapulted into their destiny. This work shows the transparency of how the author dared to dream despite of the seeds the enemy planted. Included are declarations and principles to activate your vision. Innovation, Creation, and Break out shall be birthed in the lives of the dreamer to live the dream!

Romella Vaughn
Wait on Instructions

In Waiting on Instruction Romella Vaughns’ shares personal life experiences and talks about the importance of waiting on God for instructions. This chapter gives pointers to use while going through the healing process, which is the first thing we need to do before God uses us; God promotes based on the heart, not the head. God wants our hearts to be pure like His before He can trust us with His people. Waiting patiently on God can be frustrating at times, but important not to move until He tells us to. When we are given an assignment, God expects for us to complete what He sets before us or we will mess up everything He has planned for our lives. It’s very important to seek God before making; making decisions without consulting God is dangerous; it can lead us into destructions. Taking large steps are dangerous! In the process of waiting, the enemy will do whatever he can do to place fear and distractions in our lives to keep us from what we are called to do; God is always there with us at all times. Whiling walking in purpose we have to trust God to overcome fear and distractions and not to allow them to keep us from our destiny. Trust God when you can’t trace or hear Him. When it seems like nothing is working in your favor, just know that God has already worked it out for your good. Wait on instructions!

Kishma A. George
Use What’s in your Hand!

This is a chapter on Love, and it will inspire you to reach your God-given dreams, while living the single life! You will surely discover the full meaning of your existence, and comprehend the real purpose for your interminably long wait. Has God preserved you all this while just so you can witness this moment in time? God’s promises will be fulfilled in due season. You only need to persevere, remembering that it is those who persevere and pass God’s test of endurance that will be rewarded. As it says in the Book of Life, “Blessed is she who perseveres under trial, because when she has stood the test, she will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him.” Indeed, dear single, your spousal crown is on the way. Perseverance will be the ultimate test of how much love you bring to your hopes and aspirations. If you are a truly loving single, no experience associated with your personal journey will be considered a failure, but merely another learning experience on your road to wisdom. God does not lie. Neither does he go back on His promises. While it is true that Kishma have travelled this same road on her own journey of frustration, she would like you to know that she insisted on reaching out to her dreams and goals, while waiting for the fulfillment of my promise. For, truly, the fulfillment of your dreams will come to pass in due season.

Pippa Ashley
The Rhythm of Love

Love is what made the world. Love is what will save world. Love is one of the most beautiful expressions of life but it is sad that it is one of the most misunderstood and neglected emotions in the universe. Highly mistaken often misunderstood because of its common casual use by all humanity. Our misuse and misgiving has stolen the essence of its true nature. How sad that it is so often abused that many walk pass it embarrassed and confuse. The reason why many walk by it and don’t recognize it is because love comes in many different forms. And like everything else in life if you don’t know its true value abuse will be inevitable. Unfortunately, much of our meaning of love has come from what we see and experienced. We have come away with the wrong interpretation. Interpretation in its simplest form is how we see a thing. We all see things differently because of our life experiences. Most of us have only seen abuse, misuse, a mockery of shame with a mixture of molestation. So consequently we translate love as offensive, overbearing not worth investing in to. The inward outweighs the outward leaving our forecast for love somewhat dark and gloomy. But real genuine love is not self-satisfying. It is not self-indulgent only concerned about its own personal game. It doesn’t leave you with a sedated sensation like we see in the movies and it is not outdated like some say it is. Love is kind does not seek its own, it is not insulting or injurious. It does not scheme or plan the demise of someone else. It does not run you down, or abandon you at the first sign of trouble, scatter away like a frightened little puppy. But when you find it you will know it. Love is a mainstay a supreme support of preservation. It upholds and affirms your allegiance to the highest principle of moral dignity and human distinction. You ask the question What’s love got to do with it, it’s got everything to do with it.

Dr. Yomi Garnett

“Dream The Life, Live The Dream” simply and engagingly illuminates the simple truth that the path to genuine fulfillment can be as simple as taking a firm decision to dream big dreams, and then deciding to act on those dreams. The chapter teaches about love, perseverance, patience, focus and faith as necessary tools for actualizing one’s dreams. In a fresh and unique approach to the imparting of powerful nuggets of wisdom and immutable spiritual laws, in a way that both delights and illuminates, “Dream The Life, Live The Dream,” elegantly presents failure, not only as the path to true enlightenment, but also as the source of real power to gain the wisdom and knowledge necessary to confront fresh, day-in-day-out life challenges.

Rodney Davis
Barren Wombs

Barren Wombs are people who are not going after their dreams, but merely wandering in places that are not their destinies. These persons underestimate the importance or the value of the dream. They are individuals who are lacking in stimulation or ideas and so they wait and wait on other people to give them an assignment until it’s too late to produce what God has specifically called them to do in the earth. Other reasons people become barren are because they think the dream is too big, too much opposition, and too many giants in the land. In this chapter, author Rodney Davis will help you recognize and conquer the crisis that keep thousands from the purpose they were created for. He begins this piece with a compelling revelation of why God calls small unproductive people to big significant assignments. With the help of the Holy Spirit, these little people set out in some of the scariest but most exciting moments of their lives. Rodney gives readers revelational keys to realizing their own dreams, and encourages that you can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you. Are you walking in a wonderland– or wandering in a wasteland? You, too, may have drifted into a dry place, but God has given you a big dream. One that can grow grass in the dessert and turn your life around. Does your dream seem dead? Do you feel like you are in an unproductive state? Then allow God to speak to you through Barren Wombs. Let Rodney Davis show you how to dissect your dreams, fill your fears with faith, and ground the giants that keep you from pursuing your God given dreams.

You have been anointed to do this. Now it’s your appointed time.



Tammy Collins Markee
Fire Power Dreamer

“Fire Power Dreamer” boldly examines our quest for ceaseless wonder in an equally bold attempt to light the fire of purpose in the dreamer. It also seeks to ignite our sphere of flame by helping us to defeat the spirit of stagnation, in both our thoughts and our deeds.

We are also given the insight that the path to personal victory is genuine proactivity and full engagement. What is remarkable about this is that it will spark a feeling of destiny, and the passion to fuel, propel and empower the dreamer within us. We owe ourselves the impetus to remain untainted from our past, shattered dreams. This is because our authentic destiny understands that yesterday’s failure will yet turn out to be tomorrow’s victory.

“Fire Power Dreamer” also teaches us how to creatively express yourself. We are encouraged to discard the years of pent up pride, complacence and vain behavior. In that process, we will also identify the lessons that we have learnt from our adverse times for breaking our personal limitations.

“Fire Power Dreamer” says while it may be true that we have lost material possessions, we must do all in our power not to lose our passion, dream and purpose. We must always remember that God, having prepared a beautiful, paved road ahead of us, will do all in His power to sustain us.

Finally, we will need to establish order and structure in our life because balance is one of the most important requirements for a life of purpose.


Trina Bowers
Loyalty Brings Promotion

In a world that is full of people that are not loyal and relationships that end faster than they start we find a faithful man after God’s own heart. King David learned that the test of loyalty even in adversity brings promotion. David served and followed King Saul and had his heart knitted with Jonathan because he had faith in what God told him when He called him to the next level. Loyalty is having a strong allegiance to a person and supporting them through it all. Are you Loyal? Do you give up fast? Can you see a person in the future and stand with them when nothing is showing yet? This chapter examines a great quality that we need in the kingdom of God. Loyalty is needed to birth the dreams in someone else and to see the manifestation of all that God has said. Many must learn the test of loyalty in the Kingdom. It takes great faith and great love! This will inspire to go on to the end and see what will come of the people you believe in. In my life, I have always supported and learned the value of loyalty and through it God has opened doors that no man can shut. May you pass the test of loyalty on your way to destiny.

Bringing Forth the Dreamer in You is a compelling, inspiring, and captivating approach to releasing the God-given dream and potential lodged within you. With penetrating insights, heartfelt moving stories and testimonies, this book reveals real life testaments of personal victories of pursuing the call, vision and dream on one’s life. This book provides a clear pathway to releasing and maximizing your full potential. If you have been frustrated by your dreams, ideas, and visions, this book will activate your hidden treasure and ignite the spirit of creativity to produce. It will defeat the spirit of stagnation and set you on an accelerated path to personal fulfillment, purpose, and destiny.

Bringing Forth the Dreamer in You, will enable you to:

      • Prosper and have total victory in every area of your life.
      • Activate, stimulate, and release the wealth of your potential.
      • Break personal limitations, barriers of past failures, oppositions and disappointments.
      • Inspire and awaken the “dreamer” in you to fulfill your goals, ideas and vision.
      • Dream bigger and live better.

Whether you are a business owner, visionary leader, single parent, young or old – you can still unlock the seed of greatness within you to bring forth your dream.

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Foreword by Les Brown

Nationally Known Motivational Speaker and Best-Selling Author

Bringing Forth the Dreamer in You is filled with both secular and biblical inspirational stories where everyone can find a motivational jolt. The stories hit so close to home, I found myself taking notes and revisiting my goals. Realizing that everyone has dreams and goals, but bringing forth the dream is a different story. Let’s first start with you getting out of your way. I once read, “Your first thought was your answer, your second thought was your fear.” How many of you have talked yourself out of your goal? I know I have! Sometimes, we have to live within our imagination, leap and go our wings on the way down, and starve our fears to death. Secondly, we must remove the toxic people from our lives. These are the “friends” who will talk us out of our dream and give justifiable reasons as to why this is undoable. Lastly, I’ve found that God wouldn’t deposit a vision without the proper provision to help you conquer it. Accomplishing your goal is not going to be easy, in fact, it’s going to be hard; you will lose friends and sleep; people will laugh and judge you, but my prayer for you is to have a restless spirit until your inner dreamer is brought to the forefront of your being.

Learn more about Les Brown.

Co-Authors of Bringing Forth the Dreamer Within You

Hakeem Collins
The Dream Chaser

A story taken from the pages of the biblical story and life of Joseph, which explores how the Lord allowed a young dreamer to endure all kinds of test, trials, and difficulties that could have destroyed him but instead shaped him to become all that he had dreamed. This chapter helps readers identify with the challenges and obstacles one faces may face but must overcome when you are a Dream Chaser.

Danielle Ashley
The Journey to my Dreams

Sometimes in life on the journey to your dreams you have to navigate through the unexpected; push through challenges. You may even have to accelerate around old habits that keep you locked in old cycles. One thing for sure is these factors may delay you but they should never STOP you from pursuing your dreams. The journey to your dreams may have many curves and detours along the way. You will definitely experience pain, hurt and frustration. If you have ever wanted something so badly that you could taste it, smell it, see it and touch it. Then these words of life will come off of these pages and register a quickening in your spirit. Inside the journey to your dreams, you will find transparency, inspiration and hope to propel you back on the right course and to keep you moving forward. You will learn how to wait on the manifestation of your dreams and how to be doer vs just a dreamer. The details will spark a new point of interest in you to dream again. The possibilities are endless, come along and travel to a new dimension.

Rodney Davis
Qualifying the Dream

Based on several questions that will help you believe it and bring it forth. Understanding the source of your dreams is the initial step in walking in the fulfillment of it. The next step is being guided by a clear and specific dream. This chapter helps you to know and understand that anyone pursuing their dreams, whether it’s writing, acting, film, dance, ministry, entrepreneurship, dieting, overcoming addictions, education, politics, marriage, or any other commitment of the heart will certainly have opposition and adversaries! Your dreams will put you face to face with potential haters and loving people who want to give you their opinions about your dream. Many dreamers have the myth that if their dreams are from God, there should be a peace about it, and that everyone should be receptive and supportive. Dreams also have a way of taking cataclysmic detours that seems like setbacks. Like the pursuit of your dreams were nothing more than a waste of time. Qualifying the dream shows you how to regain your strength and get back on the road of your purpose. It will teach you that you were not created to do everything, and that with vision comes provision. Qualifying The Dream will answer questions like, “How do I know if my dream is from God? How do I bring it forth? Do I have a clear vision? Are detours from God or Satan? Why is there so much opposition? Should not I have peace about it? Should not the ones closest to me be for me? Should other people’s opinion matter?”

Trina Bowers
The Revealing of God’s Purpose

This chapter will show you how God can literally take someone who thought God could never use them and felt so unqualified, to having God use them in spite of them. This chapter will inspire you to step out on what God said to you. Many people have died with big dreams in their heart and because they were too afraid to try God at His word. Allow Trina to show you that if you only believe God can perform miracles in your life and along the way, He will give you signs that He has been with you all along. This is a triumphant story of a person who said yes to God and give Him their heart and commitment without looking back. This story will show you how God can choose you out of your mess, turn you around and make you a blessing to others. The Revealing of God is a story where God loved Trina until she reached her purpose and her destiny! It will encourage and inspire you to go after everything God has for you without any excuses! This chapter will let you know that if you will be willing and be obedient you shall eat the good of the land. This chapter will let you know that you are on track, in step, and right on, the mark of God’s perfect will for your life.

Naim Collins
The Dreamers are Coming

Many are not aware of the story of Joseph in the Bible who God had given him two dreams that he would in the future rise to become a ruler. We will discover that Joseph becomes the prototype for all dreamers who ever grasp the reality that their dreams are God’s way of moving them into purpose and destiny. Joseph’s life will encourage you to never stop dreaming but to continue to bring forth the dreamer in YOU. In this chapter, Naim will begin to highlight key components and principles from his life as a dreamer to speak prophetically that we are in fact on the verge of a prophetic movement that will bring forth the dreamers in every generation. The DREAMERS are coming who will possess the same extraordinary characteristics, anointing and qualities that are revealed in Joseph. You will be encouraged as you read this chapter that there is a Joseph on the inside of you. If you ever had a dream from God to do something in the future then it is imperative for you to know what is hidden inside you to dream and fulfill the impossible.

Vincent K. Harris
The Turnaround

This chapter is about equipping you for ministry, the ministry called your job or business. It also serves to position you to work under the anointing of the Holy Ghost so you can win the lost and have abundance. Salvation will get you to heaven, but vision will bring heaven to you! Many of us live in one of three places: hell (not enough), earth (just enough), and heavenly places (more than enough). Having vision involves having well-defined goals and a well-defined plan of action to achieve them. Clearly seeing what you want and how to obtain it gives you motivation to go for it. Where there is no vision, there is no passion nor fuel for persistence. Your past cannot motivate you to leave your present, because it created it. In addition, if we are being honest with ourselves, you do not have a future when you take your past beyond your present, because your present will overtake your future. Your imagination helps you to see what God sees and destroys anything that would prohibit your success. You are equipped for greatness and the purpose you have for your life has been fueled and equipped by God. The tools and resources are waiting for you and the dreamer that exists on the inside of you.

Mary Cooper
The God-Given Dream

No matter where we came from, what we been through, GOD IS NEVER STOPPED BY OUR CIRCUMSTANCES. Mary was faced with the challenges of overcoming abandonment, sexual and physical abuse, numerous addictive behaviors, and life threatening illnesses. After receiving Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, the Lord spoke to Mary one day while driving and said, “Mary I’m raising you up to bring Deliverance to My People.” Mary not quite understanding all that entailed said to the “Lord who is going to bring deliverance to me?” Needless to say, it was by God’s amazing grace and step by step, God began to reconstruct her life, through His delivering power. Mary was completely set free from her addictions and supernaturally healed from the pain and hurt of her past. In the God-Given Dream Mary tells how God birthed the Ministry Daughters of Esther and how a written prophetic word given to Mary at a birthday party was confirmation of the things to come. Through the Daughters of Esther Ministry, countless women have been set free and empowered as Mary ministers under a powerful anointing and is often used by God to prophetically speak what “Thus saith the Lord.”

Janelle Middleton
Awakening to Your Dream

Awakening to Your Dream is moving what you see from a dream state to a state of reality, a state of being. Finding and honing within yourself the determination and heart to create what you believe already exists. Dreams live off of belief, belief develops faith, and faith moves you to action. Action is a powerful and scary word because it is the one thing that stands between believing and seeing what you believe. It is the one word that can lead us down the right path or take us on a journey of trials and hard lessons. It is also the one word that when implemented, no matter which path we take, brings us to greater wisdom and understanding. When you awaken to your dream, that gift or desire that God has put in you, it fuels you with a sense of bravery and determination that you may not have otherwise realized. Every thought becomes calculated towards the manifestation of your dream.

Kishma A. George
Hold Fast to the Vision

In a world of impossibilities there arise a woman who has beaten the odds. She knew within herself that there is nothing impossible for God. Kishma puts her total trust in an unfailing God, which caused her to cover her God-Given dream from premature death and aborting the promises of God. Relentless she pursued her dream by staying connected to God. Moreover, she evaluated and realized that relationships and connections can hinder us or herald us, bring destruction or construction, bless us or curse us. Realizing that our decisions determines our destiny; it is important to understand the principle of connecting with the right people at the right time, with the right agenda and disconnecting from dream killers. Kishma’s story brings to light the necessity and importance of surrounding oneself with people that will release positive energy, reinforcement, and feedback to your success. You are one relationship away from your breakthrough, one decision away of accomplishing your dream, vision, and personal goals on your life. Her story will inspire and motivate you to never give up and never settle for less. Kishma understood in her process of walking out her dream that “NO” was not an option. Positivity and negativity does not mix but positive energy builds a synergy of success that will bring about the dream within. Hold fast to your God-given dream!

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