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My life is forever changed because of you! Since our connection, I’ve accomplished so much; not just for myself, but for my daughter also. You are a purpose pusher like none I’ve ever seen! I learn so much even just from watching you and the way you do things. Words cannot express my gratitude to God for all you’ve done in this season to thrust my daughter and I into our wealthy place. You are and forever will be appreciated!!!

With love 💕
Kesha & Zoey – Maryland

Every Esther needs a Mordecai.

I was introduced to Dr. Kishma George on social media through a mutual friend.  I noticed her presence was quite brilliant and immediately I thought that having a chance to talk to her would be nearly impossible.  I had already published my first book but wasn’t satisfied with the traction received.  Actually, I was very disappointed because I felt that my book was a great story simply because it was the story of my life growing up and overcoming adversity.

I saw Dr. Kishma’s promotion for the Doubter to Dreamer mentorship program and immediately made contact with her.  Honestly, I was afraid it would be another fly-by-night experience where coaches give tons of instruction and leave you hanging to figure out the details.  After making contact with her, I found her to be a great listener, compassionate and definitely seasoned in her multi-professional capabilities.  She gave me ideas on how to bring a book back to life and give it the promotion it deserved.  Dr. Kishma’scoaching sessions are professional.  She utilizes a ‘hands-on’ approach and will definitely have you working a to-do list but hear me — she’s a wealth of knowledge — coupled with anointing to help you maximize your God-given dream.

Dr. Kishma has introduced me to many resources and business professionals that took my work and brought it to life.  And although her time is precious and demanding, she saw my capability and made a decision to help me.  I was in a tailspin looking for the right mentor and wasted a ton of money because they all seemed promising, but Dr. Kishma has delivered beautifully.  I am forever grateful for her mentorship and would highly recommend her to anyone that is serious about moving forward.

Pam Reece, Author and Speaker – Boston 

Over the last several years I found myself continue on a vicious cycle of being stagnant. I wasn’t growing just taking a course and receiving coaching that got me no where but the minute I signup up for the Dreamers Academy I was able to take my business to another level and platform that got me seen, heard and around the world. Dr. Kishma helped me to take my business to another level. I am no longer stagnant and I am definitely soaring!!! Thanks Dr. Kishma for trusting God to fulfill your God giving dreams to help others elevate.

Tamika MaCheyle, Delaware

The Dreamer In You Series

Written by: Prophetess Deborah Allen ~ St. Louis, MO

Dreamers, dreamers, dreamers the dreamer in you series birthed forth many of my dreams! This program is absolutely phenomenal and spectacular. Words cannot even begin to express or describe how life altering this series has been to me!My dreams have definitely come to pass due to this amazing program. I signed up over six months ago and I’m still a part of this series. I recommend that you run to join this series with the fabulous and talented Dr. Kishma George. Dr. Kishma is a visionary and she is designed specifically to birth forth dreams!!! I cannot put in words how much I recommend this series for you. Doing the course of the dreamer in you series as a team we birthed: Fierce TV on Elevation TV Network, Fierce Radio, Deborah Allen Ministries, and Visionary Coaching & Consulting Group LLC. Not only that but I was featured on major platforms such as: KISH Magazine, Atlanta Live TV, The Gifted, Dr. Renee Sunday, Majesty Now and many, many more doors. This has been greatest investment of my life. It revived the dreamer in me and allowed me to walk out my purpose in my life. I cannot say enough about Dr. Kishma George and how she has poured into me. She’s professional, determined, focused, insightful, wise and amazing. Dr. Kishma entire focus was to birth the dream for my life and we did. This series has propelled me into another dimension of success. The dreamer in you series also gave me life-long lessons to forever be successful and prosperous. I say thank you Dr. Kishma This was definitely a divine connection that brought forth much fruit in my life. Dr. Kishma I am forever grateful!!!

Dr. Tavara Johnson – Bahamas

Known as the ‘Purpose Pusher’, Dr. Kishma George embodies this at every level. Being a mentor, I understand the importance of mentoring others as well as being mentored. This program has been transformational, taught me how to maintain balance as a woman and changed my perspective on the way I do and see ministry. One of the things I admire about Dr.George is her relationship with God and the fact that we begin each session with Him. This lets me know that she is consulting with the Father before our sessions to ensure that she is in alignment with His plans and will for my life. I can always remember Dr.George stating ‘It doesn’t matter if my mentees make it further than I do’. Her sentiments spoke to her level of confidence and shows that she can genuinely push those whom she mentors into their God-given dreams.

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